Airduct Cleaning

We clean and sanitize the register covers to remove cooking oil film, nicotine film and other dust collecting substances.

Air Duct Cleaning 
Have you had your Air ducts cleaned lately? Air-duct cleaning is very crucial to ensure good health in the home. Your air ducts are the culprit for contaminating the air you are breathing every day with dust, pollen, mold, animal dander, viruses, and bacteria
Are you feeling sick? You might not be getting “fresh air” due to clogged vents and returns.

Pollutants that enter the home both from outdoors and indoor activities such as cooking, cleaning, smoking, or just moving around can cause greater exposure to contaminants than dirty air ducts unless there was no proper maintenance to the HVAC System. The heating and cooling system in your home recycles your air in your home by using a blower in the furnace section and filtering system. The Returns in your home pulls the air in the filtering system and it pushed out through the supply duct through the other side of the system. If your filter is dirty, then the air supply is dirty too.

Given any period of time, the ducts in your HVAC system will build up with pollens, dust, animal dander and other allergens. If you see any dust, coating your furniture, floors, etc. you may consider having your air ducts cleaned.  

We use approved equipment for the best cleaning possible for our customers. We take special care in providing attention to every duct, register and return in your house. Each register is individually cleaned with our commercial grade tools to catch all the debris that gets trapped.

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Are there any health benefits that come from HVAC system cleaning?

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems have been shown to collection a variety of contaminants such as mold, fungi, bacteria and very small particles of dust that have the potential to affect overall health. The removal of such contaminants from the HVAC system and home should be considered one component in an overall plan to improve indoor air quality.

How can I determine if the HVAC system cleaning was effective?

The best way to determine if the HVAC system cleaning was effective is to perform a visual inspection of the system before and after cleaning. If any dust or debris can be seen during the visual inspection, the system should not be considered cleaned. While you can perform your own visual inspection using a flashlight and mirror, our professional technicians should be able to can use specialized inspection tools to determine if you need your air ducts clean.

How often should residential HVAC systems be cleaned?

Frequency of cleaning depends on several factors, not the least of which is the preference of the homeowner. Some of the things that may lead a homeowner to consider more frequent cleaning include:

  • smokers in the household
  • pets that shed high amounts of hair and dander
  • water contamination or damage to the home or HVAC system
  • residents with allergies or asthma who might benefit from a reduction in the amount of indoor air pollutants in the home’s HVAC system
  • after home renovations or remodeling
  • prior to occupancy of a new home

Will HVAC system cleaning reduce our home energy bills?

Research by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has demonstrated that HVAC system cleaning may allow systems to run more efficiently by removing debris from sensitive mechanical components. Clean, efficient systems are less likely to break down, have a longer life span and generally operate more effectively than dirty systems.